Julia Sandoval was an actress with a long and ductile career.

Julia Sandoval was an actress with a long and ductile career.

Yesterday the death of Julia Sandoval was announced, one of the most important stars of radio theater, Argentine cinema and television, who achieved fame as the wife of Juan Carlos Thorry in “Doctor Cándido Pérez, ladies”, one of the strips of highest rating on Argentine TV in the 60s. His death occurred on October 27, but was only announced yesterday. She was 95 years old. Born Julia Delia Toscano Barrientos, the actress, like Perla Santalla, began in the profession as a child at the Lavardén Children’s Theater and then entered the National Conservatory. Discovered by director Julio Saraceni while she made a living raising and lowering the curtain at the Teatro San Martín, she gained great popularity from her work in radio plays on Radio El Mundo.

From there he went to the big screen, where he participated in more than 50 titles. His films include “When the Orange Tree Blooms,” “Dead Mosquito,” “Blood Rescue,” “The Corner Bar,” “Night Life,” “The Bitter Stems,” “The End of the World,” “In body and soul”, “Guacho”, “The lady of the million”, “I believe in you”, “I’ll take you up”, “Two crazy people in the air” and “Psyche and sex”. On television, after the aforementioned hit “Doctor Cándido Pérez, ladies”, he participated in the cycles “Your favorite comedy”, “Alta Comedia”, “Those who are alone”, “Inconquistable Viviana Hortiguera”, “El Teatro de Darío Vittori” , “Living is not a game”, “Tomorrow I can die”, “Four stories for rent”, “Let’s play at love”, “Saturdays of kindness”, “The vest”, “The button” and “Pacheco Friday” . At the beginning of the 80s he retired and only had some sporadic appearances in the cycles “Marriages and something else”, “Como la hiedra” and in the film “Condena perpetua”, from 2005. In 1998, the Argentine Association of Actors gave him the Podesta Award for Honorable Career with the Senate of the Nation.

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