Perla Santalla, star of theater, film and TV, died yesterday

Perla Santalla, star of theater, film and TV, died yesterday
November 30, 2023 – 00:00

Perla Santalla, actress with an extensive career in film and television, died at the age of 95, as confirmed by the Argentine Association of Actors. The artist had a 70-year career, during which she stood out in the golden age of soap operas and also on radio, in addition to having made about 15 films. Amelia Alba Santalla, her real name, was born on January 24, 1928 in Buenos Aires, and she began acting when she was just a child. At the age of four, she participated in the play “The Dead,” by Florencio Sánchez, along with her parents, who were also actors. She later joined the stable casts of the General San Martín Theater and the Cervantes National Theater, in times (also golden) when those official theaters had stable casts.

Santalla played important roles in soap operas such as “Don Juan y su bella dama”, “La strange lady” and “El Rafa”, among others. She also participated on television in strips such as “El oro y el mud”, “Anna Karenina”, “La Señora Ordóñez”, “Argentine customs” and “El sodero de mi vida”. Throughout her career, the actress received several distinctions. In 1972, she received the Martín Fierro award for her performance in “Malevo.” In 1981 she was awarded the Konex de Platino, in 1985 the Santa Clara, in 1992 the Leónidas Barletta, in 1993 she won an ACE as a comedy actress and in 1998 the Estrella de Mar. That same year, Santalla was recognized by the Argentine Association of Actors and the Senate of the Nation with the Podesta Award for Honorable Lifetime Achievement.
rable. She was married to actor Iván Gron-dona, who died in 2006, one of the longest-lasting marriages in national entertainment.

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