The Antique Book Fair celebrates 100 years of Borges’s first book

The Antique Book Fair celebrates 100 years of Borges’s first book

Rare and artisanal books, first editions of Argentine and Latin American works of the 20th century and even unpublished photographs of writers such as Julio Cortázar make up the variety of publications exhibited at the 16th edition of the Antique Book Fair, from yesterday until next Sunday, at the Buenos Aires House of Culture, with a tribute to Jorge Luis Borges when celebrating the centenary of “Fervor de Buenos Aires”, the Argentine author’s first book.

About twenty exhibitors from Buenos Aires and the provinces participate in the exhibition, exhibiting on their shelves the first editions of works by Borges, Cortázar, Juan Carlos Onetti and Gabriel García Márquez, as well as historical, literary, scientific and artistic bibliographic materials that They date from the 16th century to the 20th century.

Attendees will find, for example, copies of “The White Book”, made on Canson paper, inspired by “The Library of Babel”, by Borges; unique copies of “El Aleph” illustrated with watercolor, oil or acrylic and the fourth German edition of “Capital”, by Karl Marx.

Aquilanti will offer a collection of photographs by Julio Cortázar, 10 of which carry handwritten annotations by the author. They are unpublished images like the one he took with Alejo Carpentier and Max Aub, in Paris; or Mario Vargas Llosa and Raúl Castro, in Cuba.

Among the rarities, El Escondite will offer “Universal history of women. From the most remote antiquity to the present day”, by Vicente Ortiz de la Puebla. The Terranovamaps bookstore, specialized in cartography, atlases, travel books, iconography, engravings and first editions, will have available the “Atlas of the cadastral plan of the Argentine Republic”, from 1901, a historical work that shows a detailed cadastral plan of the entire Argentina in that year, prepared by the Argentine cartographer Carlos de Chapeaurouge.

Although the term old book refers to “publications that are 100 years old or more, certain countries when referring to old books “speak of a range of less than 100, more than 75 years old, while we can have a book that is printed 20 years ago and of which 5 copies were made, and to have one and show it with great enthusiasm,” said Roberto Vega, president of the board of directors of the Association of Antiquarian Booksellers of Argentina (Alada) that organizes the fair.

An antiquarian bookstore “not only has old books, but also rare, curious books, first editions, books that have some special peculiarity, such as texts written in the margins by a relevant author, or the author’s signature, and that makes that book be special and unique,” ​​explains Vega, in charge of the “Hilario” bookstore.

This year, the fair organized activities aimed at commemorating the centenary of “Fervor de Buenos Aires”. One of the stands, number 23, will display works to celebrate the Argentine author with the exhibition of manuscripts, original editions of “The Size of My Hope” and “Inquisitions” (works that Borges removed from circulation and edited after his death). his widow, María Kodama.

The fair takes place today and tomorrow from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and on Sunday, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Rivadavia 564.

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