First anniversary of Christiane Hörbiger’s death: The film star’s impressive life

First anniversary of Christiane Hörbiger’s death: The film star’s impressive life

Actress Christiane Hörbiger died a year ago: memories of a great artist – and her tragic private moments.

A year ago, the Austrian actress Christiane Hörbiger (1938-2022) died in her birthplace Vienna at the age of 84. She was buried in the Central Cemetery in an honorary grave of the city of Vienna.

Twice she had to find a loved one dead

In spring 2019, a year and a half before her death, she shot her last film, the TV crime comedy “Stadtkomödie – The Case of Gerti B.” (2019). Her son Sascha Bigler (55) once again directed the film. About the mother-son collaboration, the Swiss-born and American-by-choice said in the run-up to the broadcast of the joint film “The Muse of the Murderer” (2018): “She is an excellent actress and a colleague just like that. There’s nothing difficult about it, it doesn’t matter “The family relationship makes no difference. On the film set we work together. That’s all.”

Sascha Bigler comes from his marriage to the Swiss journalist Rolf R. Bigler (1930-1978), who died of a cardiac arrest at home in 1978 at the age of just 48. “The long nights in the first few months were terrible. Almost every evening I sat in the quiet house and had conversations with my son,” remembering the sad time with the ten-year-old at the time. “I had many happy phases, but I don’t want to live my life again. I like to think back to the times in Switzerland when my son was little,” she said.

But her second husband – Hörbiger had previously been married to the director Wolfgang Glück (94) from 1962 to 1967 – was not the only man at her side whom she unexpectedly found dead. In 2016 she experienced the same shock with her long-time partner Gerhard Tötschinger (1946-2016). The Austrian writer, director, actor and Hörbiger’s “lifer” died of a pulmonary embolism while on vacation together at Lake Wolfgang. The two had been a couple for 32 years and wanted to get married in a few days.

From the ridiculed theater actress to the award-winning grande dame of the film industry

It wasn’t just Christiane Hörbiger’s handling of strokes of fate that was impressive and exemplary, but also her great acting career. From her laughed-at first appearances as an actress at Vienna’s Burgtheater, the daughter of the actor couple Attila Hörbiger (1896-1987) and Paula Wessely (1907-2000) made it into a multi-award-winning film star.

Since the 1950s, the scion of a large family of artists – including Paul Hörbiger (1894-1981), Christian Tramitz (68), Cornelius Obonya (54) and Mavie Hörbiger (44) – has appeared in numerous successful film and television productions.

For example in the series “The Legacy of the Guldenburgs” (1987-1990) and “Julia – An Unusual Woman” (1999-2003) or in films such as “Schimanski Must Suffer” (2000), “Alpenglühen” (2003), “Blatt and Blossom – The Inheritance” (2003) or “Schtonk!” (1992), which was even nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language film. Hörbiger was seen in the films mentioned with her colleague Götz George (1938-2016), who died in 2016. Both of them not only had a professional passion in common, but as young actors they also found it equally difficult to step out of their parents’ overpowering shadows – Götz George was the son of Heinrich George (1893-1946) and Berta Drews (1901-1987).

Funeral service with birthday songs for her Luca

At the funeral service on December 17th in the Karl Borromäus Church at Vienna’s Central Cemetery, Vienna’s City Councilor for Culture Veronica Kaup-Hasler honored the deceased in front of around 250 mourners as an “acting legend, thoroughbred actress, queen of the performing arts, audience favorite…”. , she also highlighted Hörbiger’s extraordinary charisma, “her grandeur, her dignified demeanor and her beauty even into old age.”

Her son Sascha Bigler also took the floor. Surprisingly, he asked for a birthday serenade for his son and Hörbiger’s beloved grandson Luca. Because he celebrated his 18th birthday that day. To the sound of “I did it my way,” the mourners left the church accompanied by a final round of applause for the artist.

“The Legacy of the Guldenburgs” as well as numerous films with Christiane Hörbiger that are well worth seeing are available.

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