Arnold Schwarzenegger: Actor met victims of Hamas terror

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Actor met victims of Hamas terror

Arnold Schwarzenegger meets Hamas victims: At a meeting, the “Terminator” expressed his support.

Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger (76) has once again shown his colors. The former Republican governor of California made his position clear at a meeting with survivors of Hamas’ terror against civilians in Israel on October 7, 2023. against the “barbaric, unprovoked attack by Hamas” and offered his support for the State of Israel. He said the images he was given were unlike anything he had ever seen before.

At the meeting, which was organized by the famous Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem, Schwarzenegger spoke, among other things, to 14-year-old Ella Shani, who traveled from Israel to Santa Monica in the USA to meet the former “Terminator” actor. Shani gave some dramatic accounts of her experiences when the Hamas terrorists attacked her Kibbutz Beeri, murdered her father and kidnapped her 16-year-old cousin along with other men to the Gaza Strip.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: “My mission is to spread peace”

According to the report, while Schwarzenegger was listening to Shani’s story, he had tears in his eyes. At the end, the two hugged each other deeply and he showed her, among other things, some memorabilia from his most famous films. For example, the world-famous robot skull skeleton of the “Terminator”.

The actor and politician also visited some relatives of Israeli hostages who are still in the clutches of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. He presented them with bronze eagle statues. After the event, Schwarzenegger said his mission remains to spread peace in the world. That is still stronger than hatred and anger.

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