Kanye West: Is the US star settling in Mallorca?

Kanye West: Is the US star settling in Mallorca?

This chance meeting could turn into a million-dollar deal for broker Marcel Remus – and make US star Kanye West a Mallorcan by choice.

Will the Spanish island of Mallorca, one of the most popular travel destinations for Germans, soon have an attraction that is as dazzling as it is controversial? If so, that would probably mean that the German real estate agent Marcel Remus (37) has achieved a sales coup. He accidentally spotted the US couple Kanye West (46) and Bianca Censori (28) during a work trip to Dubai and immediately grabbed the million-dollar opportunity, as he revealed to the newspaper.

“Kanye West and I just met two days ago in a hotel in Dubai,” said Remus. “I’m currently here working and meeting customers and investors who want to buy houses on Mallorca next year.” He spoke to the two of them without further ado and told the US rapper “if he ever wanted to invest in a property on Mallorca, he should let me know. Especially now that there are direct flights from New York to Mallorca, it’s an exciting investment.”

Big joint business plans?

The musician seems to have immediately accepted this initiative offer, as Remus further reveals: “We exchanged our numbers straight away. Full throttle and attack.” The next day they met again for dinner and discussed “some exciting real estate projects outside of Mallorca”. West also commissioned the real estate agent to “build his house in Malibu [zu] sell”.

The chance meeting in the hotel lobby in Dubai may have already been worth it for Remus. Remus posted several photos of evidence on his official Facebook account. : “Next big deal w/ Kanye. Bianca is already wearing the teddy in the background. Off to Mallorca!” A day later with the rap great, who recently made headlines primarily with anti-Semitism scandals.

Source: Stern

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