Two short stories, two wonderful illustrations

Two short stories, two wonderful illustrations
December 3, 2023 – 00:00

A young writer publishes two short stories and two plastic artists accompany their works with illustrations.

The young writer Ana Langier It makes its way into literature with short stories that raise awareness. On this occasion, two of his “small” works were illustrated by two artists who interpreted the feeling of his words and turned them into two incredible images.

In honor of the pencil

This may be quite personal, but I have to admit that I find it increasingly difficult to read without a pencil in my hand. Not because I have a very special use for it, but having a tool with which to mark the things I like (or don’t like) about my reading significantly changed my relationship with books. The custom began in first year; My Spanish teacher forced us to write down on a side of the plain sheet of paper anything that caught our attention, both from what we read and from what she explained in class. Never with a pen, she also said, that makes our observations ridiculously definitive.

If there is something I like, it is having the feeling of control, and it distressed me to think that literature was escaping from me, that it did not involve me. But today I make friends with that and, while I have a pencil to leave a part of myself in what I read, I can say that the work and I become, to a greater or lesser extent, one.


Text of Ana Langier (@ana.langier). Illustration of David Marthi (@davidmarthi)

A perfect balance

The three of us are in bed, the light comes in in the form of long streaks and mom’s eyes are yellow. Malena jumps on the bed and dad, from the door, takes photos with a big camera, a Nikon. He grabs her with both hands and I know he’s smiling even though he can’t see her crooked teeth. Malena jumps on the bed and her braids go from here to there, dad records, I lie down on mom’s padded chest and she looks at me – her eyes seem about to catch on fire – and: shall I tell you a secret, Lu ? Yes, tell me. I’m going to hang on to this forever.


Text of Ana Langier (@ana.langier) Illustration by Natalia Pizzacalla (@natypizzacalla)

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