Actor: Rick Okon stops at Dortmund’s “Tatort”.

Actor: Rick Okon stops at Dortmund’s “Tatort”.

Pawlak’s last case: In February, actor Rick Okon can be seen for the last time as “Tatort” detective Jan Pawlak. There should be no replacement.

Inspector Jan Pawlak is only investigating the Dortmund “crime scene” once again. “After 13 crime scenes in Dortmund, it’s time for me to say goodbye,” actor Rick Okon was quoted as saying in a statement from WDR on Saturday evening. The character will therefore not be replaced: Peter Faber (Jörg Hartmann) and Rosa Herzog (Stefanie Reinsperger) will continue to investigate as a duo, according to WDR.

According to current planning, Pawlak’s last case is scheduled to be shown on February 18, 2024. “Cash” is about sports betting. The trio of investigators has to solve the murder of a young father and investigate whether he gambled away betting in the regional football league.

WDR editor Frank Tönsmann is quoted as saying goodbye to the Pawlak actor in the WDR announcement: “Unlike the loner Jan Pawlak, Rick Okon was always a team player.” Okon himself said that leaving was not easy for him, but the time had come for him to go new ways.

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