“Masked Singer”: Jenke von Wilmsdorff was behind Mars Mouse

“Masked Singer”: Jenke von Wilmsdorff was behind Mars Mouse
Journalist and actor Jenke von Wilmsdorff
Image: RTL

The gold-blue plush mouse was revealed on Saturday evening in the live rate show on ProSieben – the journalist and actor Jenke von Wilmsdorff was behind the elaborate costume. He is known for documentaries and true crime episodes on ProSieben.

The show features celebrities hiding in huge and elaborate costumes. They sing well-known songs. A guessing jury makes predictions about who could be behind the masks. Every now and then little clues are thrown in to help in their search. During the songs, the candidates’ voices are unadulterated, but before and after they can be heard distorted. Viewers use the app to vote on who gets kicked out. The ninth season of the show, whose idea comes from South Korea and which has already been seen in many countries, is currently running. It was the third episode of the weekly show.

The Martian mouse with its googly eyes only joined in the second episode. Because von Wilmsdorff himself was a guest on the show’s jury in the first episode. After the unmasking, the TV reporter said: “I had fun. I didn’t have any oxygen left. But I had fun.”

Probably the biggest surprise of the evening: The Kiwi bird remains in the race. In the second episode, the mask accidentally slipped on the stage due to a wind machine. The celebrity ran the risk of being exposed immediately. However, ProSieben left Kiwi in the race and flirted with the incident in the third episode. There were huge safety pins attached to the bird costume and presenter Matthias Opdenhövel repeatedly asked Kiwi not to dance too hard or move jerkily. The audience ultimately wanted to give Kiwi another chance.

So there are still these costumes in the music rate show: An ice princess, the Christmas-looking Klaus Claus, the black horse Mustang, a troll, a huge one-eyed plush Lulatsch and Kiwi. Before the Mars mouse, a fire extinguisher – model Eva Padberg was behind it – and an okapi animal (Katja Ebstein) had flown out in the previous episodes.

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