Duki became emotional when talking about mental health in the middle of his legendary show in River

Duki became emotional when talking about mental health in the middle of his legendary show in River

Duki closed his first show at the stadium River Plate and met the expectations of his fans who were eager to see him before the end of the year. The 27-year-old singer made history once again for urban music with a Monumental packed on both dates. Today, it will be the last.

At a moment in the show where the rapper’s emotionality was on the surface, he dedicated a strong message to his fans who had seen him shocked at the press conference he gave prior to his show.

Sadness is not an ugly feeling, Sadness is what makes us strong, it is not bad to feel sad,” Mauro Ezequiel Lombardo began at one point in the show.

“The other day I woke up from the conference sad because I was distressed and there were people who commented “oh this kid is a multimillionaire, he doesn’t lack anything” and added: “It doesn’t matter how much money he has, the important thing is how you feel inside. If you are sad, talk about it, tell it, tell people. Don’t be afraid to be sad, being sad is what makes you strong. I am a man and I have cried since I was born and thanks to that I became strong. So all those who say that crying and being sad is wrong are all shits and have no balls,” she said.

“I cry, I’m sad, I push through and move forward. It’s that simple. If you have anxiety problems, mental problems, you have to move forward. Life is one and life is beautiful, I swear. Sometimes it seems difficult. There are people who have it more difficult than others. and it’s true but those things make you strong. If you fight it, the merit will be double. If you have a dream, fight for it. And if they have to cry, they cry, and if they have to be sad, they say it. And if someone calls you a shit, you tell them “You’re a jerk for not wanting to show it, gil.”“, he concluded forcefully.

The press conference that triggered the message

The greatest reference of Argentine trap spoke about how he assumes with the commitment of “leave the rod at a dignified height”. In a conference he opened with thanks to the press who brought his music to people “who didn’t know it” and always considered that there was “a good message” in his narrative; he was also more than sincere about how he goes through the “anguish” of having “burned through so many stages” at his young age.

“Part of the anguish is rooted in the fact that one has already lived so quickly. Suddenly I’m 27 years old and I’m about to make two Rivers and when they ask me What’s next I don’t have answers anymore. That causes me a lot of anxiety and makes me a little bad, because I feel that all that journey has suddenly gone away and that Saturday is coming, I’m going to do the show and “When I get down there I’m not even going to fall.”he said at the end of the conference that he suddenly abandoned due to the emotion that his own words exuded.

Duki pointed out that the fact “burn so many stages and that there is no next step is a problem that makes the greatest (artists) go crazy” and he added: “I try to have a fairly calm and ordinary life, but there comes a time when the things you want are already done.” you have, then there is no room for frustration, no reason to be happy or get up because you already have everything. The anguish is rooted in thatbecause these two days are coming that are going to get out of hand and I don’t know if I want it to be now.

He also stated that he hopes to be remembered as “a normal person, like everyone else” so that “everyone really realizes that “dreams are just around the corner” and that anyone “can fulfill them and reach the position” that today he has to represent, while highlighting as a legacy that he has left “a base” for newcomers in music such as Milo J, whom he especially praised when talking about the future of the scene.

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