Ben Becker: Actor feels sorry for emotionless men

Ben Becker: Actor feels sorry for emotionless men

A tough guy? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Ben Becker compares his emotional world to that of “a little girl”.

Through numerous roles and one or two public appearances, actor Ben Becker (58) has gained a reputation as a “tough guy”. However, this couldn’t be further from his true character, as the star asserts in an interview with. This is just a “protective armor that I have acquired over the years,” said the actor.

In fact, it is incredibly “built close to the water. I’m watching ‘Rocky’ for the eighth time and I’m still crying at the end at ‘Adrian’.” Instead, he feels pity for macho men for whom masculinity would mean suppressing emotions: “I feel sorry for a man who doesn’t allow tears.” Meanwhile, his real self is more like “a little girl. Nobody believes me, but there really is a story about it.”

Even as a boy he enjoyed playing with dolls

This had been evident since his early youth: “I loved playing with dolls at home, building small stage sets and pirate ships.” His “producer”, as Becker describes his biological father Rolf Becker (88), tried to stop this: He “would always clap his hands and shout: Get out of the booth, get into the fresh air, now we’re going to play football!”

His later foster father, the famous actor Otto Sander (1941-2013), did not exhibit the “strict authority” of his father, with whom he now had a “good relationship.” “With him I had a kind of free pass. I was allowed to do almost anything. I was allowed to be free, to try things out, to live out things.” Despite the resulting school problems, this phase of his life shaped and influenced him more than any other – “that’s why I still have a different, very liberal view of many things to this day.”

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