Lotto King Karl: HSV legend unlucky – broken foot and Covid

Lotto King Karl: HSV legend unlucky – broken foot and Covid

Lotto King Karl had a difficult week. With a triple fracture and a Covid infection, he is now fighting for his tour schedule.

Painful end to the party for HSV legend Lotto King Karl (56): The singer and presenter fell badly on the way home after the “Movie meets Media” event in Hamburg a few days ago and sustained a complicated injury.

As he and his website announced, Lotto King Karl slipped because of the slippery terrain and is now in the hospital with a triple fracture of his foot. “Things are not going according to plan or plan at the moment and to be honest, it is a very painful matter,” it says. And that’s not all about the streak of bad luck: On Friday, Lotto King Karl posted that he was also sick with Corona.

Bad luck for Lotto King Karl: First time Corona, first time something broken

This means that the “Hamburg, meine Pearl” singer has two negative health firsts: According to his own statement, it is his first fracture and his first Covid infection. : “The next series that’s ripped. I don’t have to say how I feel right now, do I? I can’t…”

previously about his complicated fracture. Accordingly, the right foot, the capsule and the lower shin are affected. He still has to undergo an operation. “It will take months until I’m fit again.” He will have to give his next concerts sitting down. “I have to keep my foot elevated, it has to be above my heart.”

Alternative dates have already been found

The former stadium announcer at HSV is now working on finding alternative dates for his planned concerts. The concert scheduled for today, December 8th. was planned in Lübeck will therefore be postponed to April 6th, 2024. A concert scheduled for December 15th. was planned in Hanover, will now take place on February 16th, 2024. However, while sitting, “because I won’t be able to stand much yet,”

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