What illegal products did Aníbal Lotocki inject into Silvina Luna?

What illegal products did Aníbal Lotocki inject into Silvina Luna?

The products that the doctor injected Aníbal Lotocki to Silvina Luna in the different aesthetic interventions that the model had a few years ago, were revealed by the journalist Angel de Brito in its LAM program. These products, apparently, were the cause of his serious health problems and which cost him his life in the Italian Hospital on August 31.

The chronicler and TV host said that in the autopsy “countless chemical elements mixed with silicones and sulfur glue” were found. There he maintained that everything found was illegal and that “the amounts used on his body were lethal.”

“Lotocki knew perfectly well the damage these materials caused, not with Silvina, but from the moment he began to install it,” said De Brito.

Other issues that the autopsy revealed is that the surgeon, who is in custody, He injected him with acrylic microspheres that caused him numerous health problems. years later.

“Regarding Silvina, they tell me that this product was found on her body in her butt, calves, knees, intercostals, pectorals, abdomen, hips and thighs,” he added.

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Silvina Luna’s brother will be able to witness the autopsy.

The cases against Lotocki

Roberto Casorlalawyer of Raphael Dufortanother of the complainants, confirmed that the victim has polymethylmethacrylate on her body: “One of the main witnesses worked with him and said that it came in bulk, in five kilo bags.”

At the end of November his lawyer Ileana Lombardo she resigned her defense and was replaced by Claudio Lifschitzformer secretary of the former judge Juan José Galeanodismissed and convicted for his actions in the AMIA Case.

Furthermore, with this new defense, the surgeon requested the closure of 7 of the 20 judicial cases against him due to the passage of time regarding different cases in which he was reported for serious or very serious injuries.

Lotocki is currently detained in the Ezeiza Prison with preventive detention following the death of the patient. Rodolfo Zarateoccurred in 2021.

Regarding the injury case, the Chamber increased the sentences to eight years in prison and ten years of special disqualification from practicing medicine for the crime of repeated serious injuries to four patients, including that of the deceased model Silvina Luna.

Source: Ambito

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