Vanessa Mai: Singer is an “absolute Christmas fan”

Vanessa Mai: Singer is an “absolute Christmas fan”

“I fulfill every Christmas cliché,” laughs Vanessa Mai. Before the holidays, the singer is also committed to social projects.

“I’ve been an absolute Christmas fan for as long as I can remember,” admits Vanessa Mai (31): “I fulfill all the Christmas clichés.” In addition to the Christmas market, baking cookies and mulled wine, the singer is also involved in social projects. She is currently supporting DKMS Life with L’Oréal Paris with their “look good feel better” program for cancer patients. “I think it’s somehow within us that we get involved in charitable projects, especially during the Christmas season.”

What makes the DKMS Life project so special?

Vanessa Mai: DKMS Life is such an important and great organization – and when my partner L’Oréal Paris told me about the project, I really wanted to be part of it and support the new donation campaign. The DKMS Life cosmetics seminars for girls and women suffering from cancer are implemented with so much passion. This is really touching!

What exactly is your involvement here?

May: At the end of the year we did a joint shoot for a campaign with the aim of showing the people who make up DKMS Life and the program and of course motivating them to donate. In addition to me, there are other prominent supporters who support the campaign. Of course, one thing or another happens on social media too. So far I’m getting really positive feedback from my community and I’m looking forward to seeing more results.

Are you particularly keen to donate at Christmas?

Mai: I think it’s somehow within us that we get involved in charitable projects, especially during the Christmas season. On the one hand, of course, it’s good, but on the other hand, there are needs for support, donations, etc. in the other eleven months of the year. That’s why I plan to not only focus on the Christmas season.

What are you particularly looking forward to in the run-up to Christmas?

May: I have been an absolute Christmas fan for as long as I can remember. And I take almost everything with me! Baking cookies, Christmas market, drinking mulled wine, Christmas sweater, Wham! and Mariah Carey – have I forgotten any cliche? If so: Bring it on – I’ll do them all (laughs)!

Have you already taken care of the Christmas presents?

May: Guilty! I’m someone who now likes to be early on something like this. A last minute Christmas stroll on December 24th. I’ve done it too often in the past – and I don’t need it anymore (laughs).

Many couples no longer give each other anything. How are things going for you and your husband?

May: No chance with us! It’s not about anything material, it’s the gesture that counts – and for us it’s simply important.

How and with whom are you spending Christmas this year?

May: Admittedly, the exact plan for the 24th to 26th is not yet clear. But of course we will see our families, but also have our time together or three times with our dog Ikaro.

Are there any particular traditions that you keep year after year?

May: I now take Polaroid pictures of us every Christmas – and I always end up with great moments and photos.

Cookies, Christmas goose and lots of chocolate: Do you also pay attention to your figure during the holidays?

Mai: No – I’ve often been disciplined in my life, but I don’t let anything stop me at Christmas (laughs).

What Christmas treats can you not live without?

May: Chocolate in almost all forms – and speculoos, gingerbread and cinnamon stars…

With the Christmas season the final spurt for 2023 begins. What is your personal balance for the year?

Mai: Personally, I’m just grateful that we can live our lives like this and are healthy. Health is always the most important thing.

What do you want for 2024?

May: 2024 will be an exciting year for me musically with new music, a new tour and many other highlights. I’m really excited to see the fans’ reactions. Personally – I’m being completely honest – I just wish that we stay healthy and happy. And for the world and society, that it simply writes better headlines than in 2023 with wars, divided societies and many, many other unpleasant topics.

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