Ben Zucker: That’s what the singer wants for 2024

Ben Zucker: That’s what the singer wants for 2024

In the interview, Ben Zucker talks about his new album, the Christmas season and his balance sheet for 2023.

Ben Zucker (40) will release his album “Not Today!” on December 8th. His fourth studio album offers a mixture of pop, rock and hits. The title of the record represents the singer’s attitude to life, encouraging people to say no more and pay more attention to their needs. “I always try to recall myself, reflect, and question myself. I don’t have to be there everywhere or have an opinion on everything, or rather I see if I can be of any substantial help,” he explains in an interview with spot on news. In the end, what always counts for him is: “Never waste energy in the wrong place. That’s the most important thing.”

The inspiration for the songs isn’t just personal moments that he processes, but “often also things from outside. From friends, for example, their stories often take me a lot and I then try to implement them through musical thoughts in such a way that it resonates with us “The end can happen to everyone, or has already happened.” The album includes, among other things, a duet with colleague Kerstin Ott (41). “We just feel like musical siblings,” says Zucker about the collaboration. “We get along really well, have a lot of personal parallels and are simply a great team.”

Ben Zucker feels comfortable in his own skin

On the album cover, the singer is shirtless. “The cover image doesn’t necessarily match the album, but all of my thoughts are expressed and sung about honestly and nakedly,” explains Zucker. “That is always the basis for my lyrics.” The picture also shows the transformation of the singer, who has been training intensively since the end of last year. “I continue to train three times a week and eat as healthily as possible,” he reveals. He has now gained some weight again and tore two football ligaments this year and has had to struggle a bit with that. “But that’s ok. The important thing is that as long as you feel comfortable, everything is cool. That’s my motivation. Only ever change something if you feel it and want it.” At the beginning of August, Zucker celebrated his 40th birthday. The musician says that nothing has changed for him because of the number. “I like getting older and 40 is starting to feel like an adult (laughs).”

This is how he spends the Christmas season

The self-confessed Christmas fan is now looking forward to the contemplative celebration, “then I’ll be with my family and we’ll all have time for each other,” says Zucker. “I love that, we love that. Phone off and just us, I really enjoy that. Of course I also love giving gifts and receiving gifts.” With a good Spotify Christmas playlist in the background, he likes to spend his time playing board games with his loved ones. Plus, sinning for sugar is part of Christmas. “Duck. Red cabbage. Dumplings. As much as you can get (laughs). I love that.”

Ben Zucker: “We are happy”

Looking back on the year, 2023 was “a lot of fun for him and I’m just grateful that I can and am allowed to make music that interests people and moves them. I have the very best fans in the world.” Good news for his fans was the confirmation of his romantic comeback with Suzann Jetzkus just in time for his birthday. Regarding his current emotional state, Zucker explains: “We are happy and everything is beautiful.”

Accordingly, he will spend New Year’s Eve with his girlfriend, “probably with friends. We’ll decide that spontaneously.” And what does the singer want for 2024? “That all wars come to an end and everyone finds peace with one another. It certainly sounds trite, but I’m serious. I really want that.”

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