Mick Jagger: Rare snapshots of his youngest

Mick Jagger: Rare snapshots of his youngest

Mick Jagger’s fiancée posted an unusually large number of pictures of their son. Deveraux just celebrated his seventh birthday.

The youngest son of rock star Mick Jagger (80) turned seven on Friday. To mark the occasion, Jagger’s partner Melanie Hamrick (36) shared a few rare snapshots of Deveraux. There are also photos of the family trio.

Sweet lines about the birthday child

The first photos Hamrick posted show her with the boy. The mother-son duo enjoys a windy day on the beach. Below are some photos of Deveraux alone, other pictures show the 80-year-old rocker and his family taking a selfie and a picturesque photo of the three of them on a safari. The proud mother wrote on the series of pictures: “Happy birthday sweet, energetic, silly, smart, wild and beautiful Devi! I can’t believe you’re 7!!! We love you more than anything!” Then she added: “You really are my sunshine.”

Deveraux is the couple’s only child together, having been together since 2014 and got engaged this year. Jagger already has a lot of fatherly experience and seven adult children. He had daughter Karis (52) with actress Marsha Hunt (77), and daughter Jade (52) with ex-wife Bianca Jagger (78). He also has four children with his ex-wife Jerry Hall (67), with whom he was married from 1990 to 1997: daughters Elizabeth (39) and Georgia May (31) and sons James (38) and Gabriel (25). . He also welcomed son Lucas (24) with model Luciana Morad Gimenez (54).

“It’s not like riding a bike”

In October, the Rolling Stones frontman spoke to The Guardian about raising his youngest son and how his experiences with fatherhood have changed over the years. “You lose a little bit of practice – it’s not like riding a bike,” he said, before admitting: “The more kids you have, the more relaxed you are with them, to be honest.” But it also depends on the child: “They have their own personality and you can mold them to a certain extent, but you see their likes and dislikes and encourage them to do things that they are attracted to.” The singer added: “It’s fun to have children, at any age. But when you’re working and always away, you can’t enjoy it as much.”

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