Teri Hatcher’s 59th birthday: Jane Fonda inspires her on her birthday

Teri Hatcher’s 59th birthday: Jane Fonda inspires her on her birthday

Teri Hatcher turns 59 and looks back on an insight from Jane Fonda 26 years ago that she wants to take with her into the new year of her life.

On her 59th birthday (December 8th), Teri Hatcher looks positively into the future and is inspired by Jane Fonda (85). shared the “Desperate Housewives” star , in which Fonda talks about deciding to “live consciously” at age 59. In the interview with the “Absolutely Not” podcast, the now 85-year-old said that she had started to act more consciously. Thoughts like, “I want to be better. I want to be a better person. I want her to know that I love her. I want her to just do the things you want to do so you don’t regret them.” Fonda’s life means that she is “pretty happy” today.

Teri Hatcher loves the sentiment, captioning the video: “Pretty great advice to start my 59th year! Thanks Jane Fonda.” The former “James Bond” girl shares her older colleague’s opinion that, at her age, she should take another look at her own past and think about how she would like to spend the next few years.

Touching words to her daughter

In an Instagram story, Teri Hatcher also thanked her daughter Emerson Tenney (26) for her birthday wishes. She shared a photo of herself holding Emerson as a child and wrote, “I don’t feel 23 years older than when I took this photo, but I am.” “I have shared 26 years with this wonderful human being and I am so grateful for my experience as a mother and for living on this amazing planet,” the “Superman” actress added. “I’m looking forward to the years ahead, bringing with me the wisdom of age and doing the best I’m capable of every day.”

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