Sophia Thomalla and Alexander Zverev: They are flying to Australia on Christmas Eve

Sophia Thomalla and Alexander Zverev: They are flying to Australia on Christmas Eve

Sophia Thomalla and Alexander Zverev travel a lot for their jobs – even at Christmas.

Two years ago they celebrated their first official appearance as a couple on “A Heart for Children”. Presenter Sophia Thomalla (34) and tennis professional Alexander Zverev (26) came together again for this year’s fundraising gala on December 9th in Berlin and also took calls on the donation phone. On the red carpet, they chatted about their relationship, which is a little different than many others. They also revealed why they are spending Christmas on a plane.

Traveling a lot and often in the hotel

Sophia Thomalla said in an interview with “Bild”: “It was a turbulent year. But that doesn’t have to be negative, sometimes you have to go certain extra miles for your career.” Both work a lot and have to travel a lot for their jobs. She emphasized: “We don’t lead a normal life. We get up very early and travel a lot. You don’t have a base to hold on to. So we don’t have any holidays, we’re mostly in hotels.”

This year too: “On Christmas Eve we are on the plane to Australia,” revealed the presenter. Her sporting partner explained: “We have the longest season in our sport, it starts again at the end of December.” The Australian Open starts on January 14th.

Sophia Thomalla often accompanies the tennis player to his tournaments. The fact that she doesn’t experience a real Christmas isn’t a problem for her at all: she’s not the type for that anyway. “The Christmas things I hang stay up all year round. I don’t have the sense for that.”

Mother Simone Thomalla “gets the crisis”

Only her mother Simone Thomalla (58) suffers from not being able to spend the celebration of love together. “She gets the crisis, the child is always taken away, always with the guy. I would love to celebrate Christmas with me, but that wasn’t possible with me.”

Source: Stern

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