Scandal with the singer of Ke Personajes: he fought with two young people on the street

Scandal with the singer of Ke Personajes: he fought with two young people on the street

The singer of Ke Personajes, Emanuel Noir, starred in a scandal on public roads after fighting with two young people who took photos and recorded videos upon seeing him with a friend in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta.

Police sources revealed to Noticias Argentinas that the incident occurred around 7:50 on 1700 Junín Street, where members of the Neighborhood Police Station 2A of the City Police arrived due to a fight.

Several men participated in the fight on public roads, including the singer of Ke Personajes.

The musician, when the Police intervened, explained that he was with a friend when two men saw him and began to take photos and record videos.

As a result of this situation, an argument began that led to a fight and that alerted the neighbors, who called 911 as a result of the fight.

The National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office number 29, headed by Lucio Eduardo Herrera, intervened in the incident, and before the Sole Secretary of Dr. Donatto, ordered that proceedings be filed for reciprocal injuries.

Noir had just been in the news, but for a more pleasant fact, since in recent days he published a photo with his new girlfriend, an influencer named Sophia Ramos.

The musician had A month ago, he canceled his marriage to Julieta Farías, the mother of his two daughters Ema and Martina.

The singer of Ke Personajes is in love with his new partner and expressed it on social networks.

Last Wednesday, Noir shared a family photo on his Instagram stories with a huge Christmas tree in the background.

There, in the large group of people who appear in the image is the model, who would have already been introduced to the musician’s inner circle.

Moments later, Ramos uploaded a photo to his profile with Noir in which they are seen hugging and laughing.

“So happy,” the influencer wrote along with two emoticons, one with two crossed fingers and another with a red heart.

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