British Royal Family: Two very different Christmas cards from the Royals

British Royal Family: Two very different Christmas cards from the Royals

Modernity and tradition come together through the different generations of the British royal family. This year’s royal Christmas cards reflect both of these attributes.

On the second weekend of Advent, the British royals published their Christmas cards on Instagram. Traditionally, the British royal family sends a Christmas card with best wishes every year.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla kept their card in a very classic design this year. The photo the couple chose was probably the biggest event of 2023 for them: the coronation of King Charles. The king and queen pose pompously with capes. Charles wears the state crown while Camilla wears the crown of Queen Mary carries. The photo was taken in May, after the coronation ceremony. The photographer took the picture Hugo Burnand in the throne room of Buckingham Palace. The royal couple’s wishes, which are written on the card, are just as formal as the chosen photo: “We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.”

The British royal family will send two very different Christmas cards in 2023

Also Prince Williams The family, which often represents modernity and change at the British court, chose a more dignified photo than last year. In 2022, the Prince of Wales’ family appeared casual, strolling outside in casual clothing on a summer day. This year, William and Kate decided to have a professional photo shoot. Apparently they send the picture in black and white on the Christmas card.

In their partner look, Prince William, Princess Kate, Prince Louis (left), Princess Charlotte and Prince George wear white shirts. The women in the family wear jeans, the men wear dark trousers. Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte opted for casual sneakers. The photo has already been taken Shot in Windsor earlier this year by renowned photographer Josh Shinner. By the way, Charles and Diana sent a similar photo from a photographer in 1984 – shortly after the birth of Prince Harry for Christmas.

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