Milei’s dogs: breed, names and everything about the new presidential family

Milei’s dogs: breed, names and everything about the new presidential family

In various interviews and even in speeches, The president expressed his devotion to his petswhom he defines as “his four-legged children.”

All about Milei’s dog breed

The history of gladiator dogs

The Milei’s dogs correspond to the breed english mastiff either mastiff, one of the oldest breeds that go back to the pre-roman eras, who adopted them to use them as gladiators in the amphitheaters of the time.

As time went by, they also discovered that he was an extraordinary guard dog, and it seems that during the Hundred Years Wara female specimen of this breed protected the wounded body of a warrior, Sir Peer Legh, for several days, until rescuers arrived.

From that episode that occurred in the Middle Ages, the Mastiff began to spread as one of the dogs preferred by the nobilityand even Elizabeth I had some copies.


Main characteristics of the breed

According to specialists, the English Mastiff is a powerful, large and muscular dog, with a wide body and neck and short hair. Once they reach adulthood, These specimens can measure between 72 and 80 cm in height and weigh up to 73 kg.

Regarding his behavior, These dogs are calm and affectionate. with those around them, but especially they are guardians.

On average, according to the sites of breeders of this breed, Mastiff specimens can be purchased from US$1,300, and the price depends on factors such as the color and the seriousness of the breeding establishment. It is essential, if you want to add a dog like the presidential ones to your family, that you buy them from specialty breeders so that you can be sure that the puppy was well cared for from the moment of conception.

Milei’s dog names

The “four-legged children” – as he calls them – of the new president carry names inspired by economists recognized: Milton Friedman, Murray Rothbard and Robert Lucas. The four dogs are the product of a clone of their first pet Conanwho bore that name because of the literary series of Robert E. Howard, “Conan, the Barbarian”.

The Economist He paid around $50,000 to clone his original dog, whom he adopted in 2004 and died in 2017. In several interviews he expressed his love for Conan, whom he noted as one of his great friends and closest confidants, who always supported him.

On repeated occasions, the new president spoke about his dogs and the importance they have in his life. In his speech after the PASO victory, for example, he referred to “that part of the family that gives you support”. “I want to thank you, even if we like it, the dirty journalists; to the four-legged children“said the libertarian leader then.

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