Lena Meyer-Landrut had to go to the emergency room: fans are worried

Lena Meyer-Landrut had to go to the emergency room: fans are worried

Lena Meyer-Landrut reports from the emergency room on Instagram. The singer let her fans know that she wasn’t feeling well.

Singer Lena Meyer-Landrut, 32, has just enchanted her almost six million fans on Instagram when she causes a moment of shock in her Instagram story.

The ESC star posted a photo of himself in a hospital corridor and wrote: “Short reality check after what I think is a really beautiful photo for the 2nd Advent. I was sitting in the emergency room yesterday and am lying flatter than I have in a long time. “

She didn’t reveal what exactly was wrong with the singer in her story. At least to reassure her numerous fans, she sent a picture showing her recovering in bed. She passes the time with the documentary about the band Echt. “My next three hours,” Meyer-Landrut commented on the snapshot of her television screen.

Lena Meyer-Landrut posts a photo of herself from the emergency room

The musician already experienced a painful time in the summer of this year. On August 8th, the singer posted an X-ray and explained that she fell from a horse and suffered a double cruciate ligament rupture.

Almost a month later, she spoke about the shocking moment in a podcast: “I’m fine, but I broke my ass. (…) I fell off the horse.” The consequences for her were massive: “You can’t move at all. Above all, you can’t stand up, sit down, bend down, pick up things and it’s all so difficult.”

Then she explains how the fateful incident happened: “After 15 years, it was my second riding lesson – or almost 20 years – and I used to ride. And then I thought: ‘That’s just cool, you know. I “Let’s go to a riding stable and then I’ll be alone – and I’ll just do something for myself.” The first riding lesson also went very well.

In the second hour, however, galloping was on the agenda. “And then we started cantering, and then the horse definitely had a lot of fun and didn’t want to stop cantering. But I wanted to stop.” The centrifugal force then pushed them outwards. “I was pushed outwards by that and then I fell down. (…) Then I basically fell on my lower back and broke two vertebrae.”

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