Winter scented candle trends 2023: These variants are trendy

Winter scented candle trends 2023: These variants are trendy

Scented candles can influence the mood at home – depending on the ingredients. Which winter scented candle trends there will be in 2023 and what you should consider when buying.

For many they are part of the decoration inventory, for others they are accessories for meditation, and still others are only interested in the scent alone: ​​Scented candles are popular accessories for the home, for different reasons. Below we reveal which scented candle trends will dominate in winter 2023. What you should pay attention to when buying: If you are only interested in the scent, choose a model with a particularly long burning time. If you want to reuse the container and use it as a permanent decorative element, choose a variant with a large opening so that you can clean the inside of the glass quickly and easily.

1st trend: handmade items with a personal touch

It is particularly attractive, high-quality, elegant and typically wintery therefore. It is a decorative element and scent provider in one. It is vegan, handmade, comes in a Christmas garb and smells wonderfully of cloves, cinnamon and ginger. And since the winter and Christmas season is the time for personality, closeness and handmade things, it fits wonderfully into the winter scented candle trends for 2023. Especially with the typical Christmas decor: dem world famous Nuremberg Christmas market.

2nd trend: pumpkin spice

Spices are typical for autumn and winter: cinnamon, cloves and the like exude the right feeling. Especially that one is popular and intense. It is a direct reminder of the cooler season and ensures a good mood and a pleasant feeling.

3rd trend: cashmere

If you like something a little more elegant and less intense, you can choose one of the other winter scented candle trends for 2023: . It also provides immediate coziness and smells subtler and gentler, but still wintry.

4th trend: cookies

They are also particularly popular with many people − in winter, of course, from the winter or Christmas collections. The cookies version smells particularly stimulating.

5th trend: winter/Christmas decorations

For everyone who wants to use scented candles not only for the scent, but above all as a decorative element and who also wants to reuse the glass later, you can be the right choice. It looks valuable and is a good-mood decorative element.

More scented candle trends in winter 2023

Two experts also reveal which scented candle trends will still exist in winter 2023 star. Laurent Delafon of Paul Smith Home Fragrance explains: “Winter 2023 is more than ever about wrapping up and making your home as cozy as possible for the holidays. But do it in style: no opulent, overwhelming scents are in order. Try it Instead, try elegant, slightly smoky creations like out of. ‘Storyteller’, for example, is reminiscent of cozy hours by the fireplace, but has a delicate gourmand facet that makes it even more inviting and generous.”

Julien Pruvost, creative director of Paris-based Carrière Frères, says: “Winter is the perfect season to light scented candles. With their warm and soothing notes, woody scents such as cedar, amber or firebrand are a must for this time of year. Woody base notes are combined with gourmand-like Notes combined.” For his brand, that’s about the the case.

“Candles are real decorative pieces and can be combined with other accessories to create an even more decorative effect.” To create an intense scented atmosphere at home, you can also use one Room spray Use to enliven the atmosphere or scent specific areas and surfaces, such as a couch or a duvet cover. The expert adds: “After all, scented candles or botanical palettes also make a great Christmas present.”

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