The Qatar World Cup dominated the box office in Argentina

The Qatar World Cup dominated the box office in Argentina
December 11, 2023 – 2:31 p.m.

“Guys, the people’s movie” and “I choose to believe” were the first among the most watched in theaters of the weekend.

The two documentaries about the world championship won by the Argentine national team in Qatar a year ago they took the top two spots at the national box office in the last week.

The first step was for “Boys, the people’s movie”, with 320,570 people in the room. The tape is not the official one of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and, with a collection of home videos, a story was put together that points to the fan’s effusiveness in winning the title for Lionel Scaloni’s team.

The second place in the ranking prepared by Ultracine went to “I choose to believe”. The official film of the Argentine Football Association brought together 221,037 with a story that tells from the inside and with interviews the achievement for the third star.

While the horror event “When evil lurks” It continues in the top 10 on the list with 14,000 people who have gone to theaters since Thursday and a total of 236,606 since its premiere a month ago.

The debut of “Wonka” was with 141,553 people while that of “Black Friday” It was with 18,925.

Source: Ambito

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