Royals: Royal Christmas card with clean image

Royals: Royal Christmas card with clean image

A picture in black and white, with everyone in simple shirts: Why the family of the heir to the British throne left nothing to chance when it came to their Christmas cards.

It looks like a family portrait that could be on a million mantelpieces: British Crown Prince William and his wife Kate were photographed with their children George, Charlotte and Louis for their annual Christmas card. The parents in the back, the children in the front – lined up like royal organ pipes, the British star photographer Josh Shinner photographed them.

Unlike last year, when the Crown Prince couple were pictured holding hands with their children while walking at their country estate in Norfolk, this time no effort was made to make the photo look like a spontaneous family snapshot. The picture of the Christmas card was taken in a studio and followed a precise structure, as a sketch by the photographer on Instagram shows: Shinner had scribbled five people on a piece of paper that he probably had to present to the royal court.

The Royals leave nothing to chance

Because when it comes to a picture as highly regarded as the one at Christmas, nothing is left to chance. This also applies to the black and white representation and the mouse-gray background that William and Kate chose this time. A new kind of modesty? Not at all. Because its sober-looking staging is part of a concept. It almost automatically draws the eye to a piece of clothing that could hardly be more symbolic – the crisp white shirt.

As if the royals wanted to underline their clean image, they all wear a similar look. Dark trousers, casual summer shoes and a white top. Instead of expensive designer fashion – Princess Kate spent over 300,000 euros on her royal wardrobe in 2022 alone – the family appeared in almost down-to-earth clothes. Only George’s shirt shows a small horse on the chest, the logo of the US brand Polo Ralph Lauren. But since it is part of the casual uniform of many royals, the symbol is not particularly noticeable.

With their crisp white shirts, William and Kate not only appeared close to the people, but also underlined that they have little to do with the scandals of their relatives. If William’s brother Harry and his wife Meghan reveal their private life and family internal affairs – the crown prince couple has a clean slate. Almost as if they were the only constant in the family. Any criticism bounces off them. The last season of the Netflix series “The Crown” doesn’t change that, which now also focuses on the story of William and Kate and how they met at university.

Perhaps William and Kate’s Christmas pictures were just underlining that they, too, are taking a break from their royal duties. After all, they go on hundreds of dates a year. What a dream to simply break out of your role in the structure of the company. It is granted to them Christmas After all, you can wish for anything.

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