There is a formula for happiness according to Harvard: what areas of your daily life are strategic

There is a formula for happiness according to Harvard: what areas of your daily life are strategic
December 11, 2023 – 7:00 p.m.

According to Harvard, there are four personal areas in which we must pay more attention if we seek a life full of happiness.

The happiness It is a subjective state that is experienced differently depending on the person. However, according to the prestigious Harvard University Basic guidelines can be followed to promote welfare.

Be happy It is a state that can be lasting or fleeting. Scholars reveal some tools that contribute to happiness from the habits acquired by people who demonstrate a continuous state of well-being. Achieving this state is not as difficult as it may seem. You can start incorporating habits to increase your happiness every day.

The 4 key areas of happiness

A professor of the Harvard University revealed what they are the four areas personal What you must attend to to ensure your happiness. These sectors contribute to a welfare state of people by allowing them to feel fulfilled.

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Arthur Brooks is an author who has researched and written about happiness. Through his books, the specialist argues that happiness “is not about pursuing personal satisfaction, but about find purpose and meaning in life through service to others.

Also, he warns that “they use philosophical and technical knowledge to challenge your assumptions about happiness, helping you break bad habits“Happiness management is a broad topic and can be approached from different perspectives, including positive psychology, personal and professional development, time management, among others. However, the specialist in the field highlights four main areas to work on happiness:

  • Family: it’s extremely important strengthen family ties since they are the most present figures when we need some type of company, help or advice.
  • Community and friends: Cultivating strong friendships, establishing more intimate relationships, and forming a sense of belonging with a community can influence happiness.
  • Faith and Philosophy of Life: it is necessary find something that helps us make sense of the world. There he describes that it can be religion, a spiritual practice or another issue that makes us happy.
  • Meaningful work: The happiness specialist emphasizes jobs that make people believe they are really helping others, make them feel fulfilledso he suggests giving it priority over any other work activity.

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