Oliver Pocher was also there: Amira Pocher lets it rip

Oliver Pocher was also there: Amira Pocher lets it rip

In her podcast, Amira Pocher talks about the difficult birth of her child and a wild Christmas party. Side swipes at the ex included.

In the podcast “Liebes Leben” (exclusively on Podimo) by Amira Pocher (31) and her brother Hima, the siblings repeatedly touch on the topic of the Pocher separation. Especially between the lines.

The podcaster leaves no doubt that Amira Pocher is now fully back in life. For example, the siblings discuss the “legendary” Christmas party the day before the recording: “We had a lot of fun,” reports Amira while she waits for her food order to combat the hangover.

Apparently Oliver Pocher (45) was also there, “who looked surprised when I suddenly sat there.” But that didn’t dampen Amira’s party mood. Her brother, who unlike her doesn’t drink alcohol, gets a little more specific: “I saw you dancing alone on the stairs at some point, you made new friends, you sang along…” They would also have “Last Christmas” together. bawled and in between desperately searched for Amira’s supposedly lost cell phone. The 31-year-old admits that she was only in bed at six. And sums it up with a laugh: “I never go to parties, but it was definitely worth it.”

Amira Pocher now protects her heart “very well”

The 5th episode is also about Amira’s love life in her teenage years. Her first great love was “an asshole,” she reports. After a few months of dating, he told her he had to go abroad for his military service. A few days later she saw him hand in hand with a friend. It would have taken her years to finish it, says Amira. And further: “The man broke my heart back then in every single piece. It can’t happen to me today. I protect myself very well.”

Not the only swipe at former partners: With a view to an upcoming “meeting” with the father of her children, Amira Pocher sighs: “It will be very, very exciting.” And: “I hope everyone will have things under control, I hope everything will run smoothly.”

Amira Pocher almost bled to death during her second birth

Finally, the siblings also discuss the pregnancy and birth of Amira’s children. “I hated being pregnant. You gain weight, your back hurts, the heartburn, you don’t fit in anywhere anymore…” recalls the mother of two. She also almost bled to death during the second birth because her cesarean section scar from the first birth was “torn open piece by piece.” “That was… Really, I lost a lot of blood and anything could have gone wrong.” Nevertheless, she could imagine having another child “if everything goes right…”

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