The favorite of many!: how to prepare Oreo milkshake step by step

The favorite of many!: how to prepare Oreo milkshake step by step

It’s summer and the season for smoothies and milkshakes begins. For all your fans, here is the recipe for the legendary cookie dessert.

There is a wide variety of recipes with Oreo cookies. These are very popular when used in the preparation of certain desserts, since in addition to their great tasteThey combine very well with any Sweet desert. That is why The large fast food chains or cafes that we know include desserts in their menudifferent proposals made with these cookies.

On this occasion, Ámbito Financiero brings you an exquisite recipe for a cold shake with Oreo cookies to enjoy with family or friends.



What is the recipe for Oreo milshake


Serves four people:

  • 24 Oreo cookies.
  • 500ml of whole milk.
  • 800ml vanilla ice cream.
  • 300ml of milk cream or sour cream.
  • 90g of powdered sugar.
  • mini Oreo cookies to decorate.



  • To begin, in a bowl we add the milk cream (if possible it is cold) and 60 grams of powdered sugar. With a manual or electric mixer we stir well for a few 5 minutes to give consistency to the cream. Once this is done, we put what was left in a pastry bag and we keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Next, we begin making our Oreo shake. In a mixing glass or in a blender, add the chopped cookies (it is not necessary to remove the white part first) and we beat until they are well crushed. Then we reserve them on a plate.
  • In the same mixing glass, add the milk, vanilla ice cream and the rest of the powdered sugar. We beat for about 5 minutes until you get a mixture homogeneous and creamy.
  • Then, we add the cookies Crushed Oreos to our smoothie and mix everything again with the mixer at a gentle speed for a few 2 minutes
  • We serve our smoothie of Oreo in individual glasses and we decorate their surface with the cream that we had reserved. We decorate to taste with cookies Airing mini and the cookie pieces. We serve immediately.
  • To enjoy!

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