Shaping jeans trends: These models will flatter us in 2024

Shaping jeans trends: These models will flatter us in 2024

Pants must first and foremost fit well: on the thighs, stomach, hips and bottom. In other words, exactly the areas that many women perceive as their supposed problem areas. For this reason, shaping jeans are conquering the fashion market.

In contrast to ordinary trousers, shaping jeans have a particularly high proportion of elastane. This not only makes them more comfortable to wear (not to mention that the models are much easier to put on), but also have a figure-shaping effect: in other words, they support the thighs and buttocks without squeezing the legs. And yet the corresponding models retain their fit, even after wearing them several times or for longer periods of time . However, the high-tech stretch and the push-up effect are not the only two advantages that the pants have to offer.

More than just trousers: the advantages of shaping jeans

  • Most shaping jeans are cut higher and end above the waist – hence the term “high waist”. This automatically makes your legs appear longer and your silhouette slimmer, and unwanted pads in the stomach area are concealed.
  • The special weaving technique used in the production of shaping jeans ensures a figure-shaping effect on the thighs and bottom. In addition, the reinforced fit ensures that the pants do not bulge even under heavy loads.
  • The materials from which the Depending on the manufacturer, they are usually made up of elastane (between four and six percent), cotton fibers and polyester. This makes the pants feel particularly comfortable on the skin.
  • The so-called bias binding of the trousers ensures that they are particularly resistant and durable. In combination with the elastane fibers, it creates a comfortable feel that can withstand any movement (even when cycling).

This is what you should know about shaping jeans

  1. The high elastane content makes the shaping jeans particularly stretchy – for this reason it is advisable to choose a size smaller when buying trousers. The pants expand automatically over time.

  2. Never use fabric softener when washing shaping jeans. In addition, the trousers should not be washed too often or hotter than 30 or 40 degrees (see label). And the dryer is also taboo.

  3. When trying on one It is important that it fits snugly without squeezing your legs or thighs. For the comfort test, you should be able to move and sit down in the pants.

  4. Shaping jeans don’t fit everyone the same way, so you should always pay attention to the wrinkles. If the material is very thin and contains a lot of elastane, unsightly dents can form on the thighs.

And one more tip at the end:
The shaping jeans should not only look good on you, but also fit perfectly. This doesn’t mean so much that the pants obviously look good on you, but rather that you should feel comfortable in them. When standing and walking, while sitting or lying down.

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