Fátima Flórez revealed how she will celebrate her birthday with Javier Milei

Fátima Flórez revealed how she will celebrate her birthday with Javier Milei

The comedian Fatima Florezwho is in Mar del Plata doing the summer season, revealed a few days before his birthday that the president Javier Milei He will travel to the spa city for that special date and told what they are going to do together.

This will not be the first time that the president goes to La Feliz to see his partner: he had already done so last December 29 to see her at the theater in a performance of Fátima 100%.

Then, he returned to Buenos Aires to continue with his presidential agenda.

After more than a month, Milei will be on February 3 to celebrate Flórez’s 43rd birthday.

Soon visit me again. After he came to see me in the theater, I traveled to Buenos Aires. We had a great time,” said Fátima in Mañanísima on El Trece.

“Now that you are far away and with schedule changes, you always have to adapt. The beautiful thing is when you search and the moments appear, that they are moments of quality. That’s the beautiful thing,” considered the artist.

What will Fátima’s birthday celebration with Milei be like?

“He’s coming back for my birthday, he’s going to come,” said Flórez, who was happy to be reunited with her boyfriend.

“My birthday falls on Saturday and that day, as an exception, we are not going to do two shows”he said and added: “We are going to do only one show, otherwise one lives working, working and that day, February 3, which is the day Javier comes, we are going to do just one show. Then we will recover it another day.”

In that sense, Fátima said that after Milei goes to see her at the theater, they will share a dinner at a restaurant in Mar del Plata to celebrate her birthday, an itinerary that they carried out on the President’s first visit to the spa city.

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