Jane Seymour: Bond girl raves about her sex life at 72

Jane Seymour: Bond girl raves about her sex life at 72

Jane Seymour has been married again for a few months. In a new interview, the 72-year-old raves about her sex life.

US actress Jane Seymour (72) has been happily in love again for a few months: in October 2023 she announced her relationship with the musician John Zambetti. The former Bond girl looks back on an eventful love life: behind her are four marriages, a few long partnerships and numerous dates. Seymour actually wanted to stay alone after her last breakup.

After her last breakup, she realized that her past relationships were never about romance or about her. “I disappeared into the relationship. I always gave the power and the reins to men in my life,” she writes. In her consciously single phase, Seymour reports, she felt “more complete than ever before”: “For the first time in my life, I wasn’t the other half of a man.”

But then she met her current partner, John Zambetti. He changed everything: “If it fits with people, then it just fits. And if love and intimacy as well as the desire to find joy for your partner and joy for yourself are there and you can achieve it all together, it is “magical,” enthuses the actress.

Jane Seymour on her sex life: “Better than ever”

This would also be noticeable in intimacy. Her age doesn’t stand in the way – on the contrary: the older she gets, the more sex is based on emotional intimacy, says the 72-year-old. “The sex now is more wonderful and passionate than anything I can ever remember because it is based on trust, love and experience. I know myself and my body now, and John has also had his own experiences in his life – it “It’s not the same as it was when I was younger,” said Seymour.

With her essay, the 72-year-old also wanted to draw attention to the stigma surrounding age. “People don’t talk about menopause, they don’t talk about sex, and they give up. And they not only give up physically, but emotionally too.”

She is of course aware that physical abilities that change with age influence one’s sex life, but says: “It’s not something you just give up at a certain age. Your sex life doesn’t have to end at 60.” She even feels “that sex and intimacy at my age are better than they ever were before.”

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