Princess Kate in the hospital: This is what we know about her health

Princess Kate in the hospital: This is what we know about her health

Princess Kate is currently recovering in hospital after major abdominal surgery. She will be out of all royal duties until Easter. A shock, because Kate was previously considered to be in good health.

Nobody expected this news: Princess Kate is currently in the hospital because she had to undergo major abdominal surgery. It is not cancer, but what exactly caused Crown Prince William’s wife is not known. The British Palace announced that the 42-year-old would continue to recover in hospital for up to two weeks. On medical advice, she also had to cancel all royal engagements and appointments until Easter.

The news is also surprising because the princess is known as a sporty and health-conscious woman. From sailing to football, rowing or climbing to crazy sports like rubber boot throwing, Kate is often seen putting her full body into action at appointments. A look back at her medical records reveals only a few exceptions. The most well-known is certainly her hospital stay in 2012 during her first pregnancy.

Kate struggled with extreme nausea throughout all three pregnancies

Kate suffered from a particularly severe form of pregnancy sickness, which only affects around 2 percent of all pregnant women worldwide. Women suffering from it have to vomit up to 30 times a day, a torture that lasts for months. “A lot of people have it a lot worse, but it was definitely a challenge,” she said in a 2020 podcast conversation when asked about her pregnancies. According to the Princess, she suffered from it in all three pregnancies.

It is also confirmed that Kate had head surgery as a child. A scar, hidden under her hair on her left temple, bears witness to this. However, the palace has never commented on why the procedure was necessary at the time. Apart from minor details, no other complaints are known. Last year, Princess Kate appeared with a bandage on her hand after she slightly injured several fingers while jumping on a trampoline. Back then, that didn’t stop her from taking part in a public appearance at a rugby training session. This is different now.

Particularly unfortunate: Now, of all times, the British King is also having health problems. Charles will also have to go to hospital next week and undergo prostate surgery. According to Buckingham Palace, he will also be out for a short time. Since Prince William is now adjusting his schedule to be there for his three children and his wife, three high-ranking royals are missing from any engagements.

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