Royals: How King Charles and Prince William are different

Royals: How King Charles and Prince William are different

King Charles III is often seen as an interim monarch, only briefly on the throne before his son takes over. But according to royal expert Robert Hardman, this assessment is completely wrong.

In his autobiography “Spare”, Prince Harry painted a very clear picture of his “Pa”, King Charles III. Although the monarch often left something to be desired in terms of his personal relationships and his qualities as a father, he devoted most of his day to his beloved books.

King Charles III and Prince William: That’s how different they are

Charles is considered inquisitive, extremely well-read and quite an activist. He is known for his work in the fight against climate change. One reason why the assumption that he would only rule as monarch until his son sits on the throne could be completely wrong.

At least that’s what royal author Robert Hardman argues in his new biography about the king. In the “Daily Mail” Hardman reveals that Charles does interfere in social issues. Quite different is William, who many people mistakenly attribute to change.

“He is one of the least ideological people I know,” Hardman quotes a royal advisor as saying. While Charles reads through documents and press reports himself, William has employees give him a bullet-point summary.

Ideologist versus pragmatist

Father and son also differ when it comes to religion. William is less religious and spiritual than Charles. “He doesn’t go to church every Sunday, but neither does the vast majority of the country. He might go at Christmas and Easter, but that’s it,” Hardman quoted a palace official as saying. “He has a lot of respect for the institutions, but he doesn’t feel comfortable in a religious environment.”

William’s most important task at the moment is something that, according to Prince Harry, Charles may have neglected: preparing his own successor. Hardman spoke to a family friend who said raising Prince George was William’s top priority.

The writer and royal expert also provides insight into the relationship between father and son. While Charles is idealistic, William sees many things more pragmatically. The two should still understand each other. Also because Charles is a big fan of Princess Kate. “He thinks Catherine is doing a wonderful job, not only in her royal duties, but also in raising his grandchildren,” Hardman quoted a friend as saying.


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