Dating trends 2024: Biggest turn-off? Psycho checklist and “6 AM Club” men

Dating trends 2024: Biggest turn-off?  Psycho checklist and “6 AM Club” men

Everything is constantly in a process of change: including love. A survey revealed the best way to get to know someone in 2024 and which dating trends you should pay attention to.

New year, new happiness – that’s what many people also hope for in love. And because people like to tidy up their lives at the beginning of the year and “In & Out” lists are trending on TikTok, the dating app “Bumble” also created one for dating using a survey in the community. According to the dome portal, a lot is changing among lovers and the “Barbie” film could also have had an influence on male behavior.

What will be “in” when it comes to dating in 2024?

Is this a “Barbie” boom?
Ryan Gosling brought the so-called “Ken-ergy” to cinema screens last year. In the pink outfit, the actor appeared romantic, naive and vulnerable. A quarter of the men Bumble surveyed said they actively want to change their behavior in relationships to be more vulnerable and open.

Women discover the younger man
Two thirds of all women on the dating app are open to a relationship with a younger man. Age is no longer the priority; compatibility and emotional maturity are more important.

Social romance
Egomania has never been particularly popular, but in 2024 it will be particularly important to a quarter of German singles that their potential partner is socially active. Above all, political and social commitment are in the foreground.

Sports buddies instead of couch potatoes
Almost half of all respondents, 42 percent, want a sports buddy. Due to the increased awareness of health and sport, the love of sport and keeping fit together is a desirable trait in a partnership.

These dating trends will be absolutely “out” in 2024:

Women no longer allow themselves to be bullied
Put an end to societal expectations of women. Because of limited biological fertility, women tend to be put under pressure by others and given deadlines. When will it be time to have children, get married, build a house and settle down? Around a third of women no longer go along with this and defend themselves against such statements and requirements.

Psycho checklist
The topic of mental health has been very big and of course important for years, but some people exaggerate this thematic sensitivity when dating and appear with a checklist. 28 percent of those surveyed find the psychological checklist absolutely out of place when getting to know someone.

Sex becomes less important
According to the “Bumble” survey, the appeal of pure sex becomes increasingly less attractive when there is no emotional closeness. Around a third of respondents, 38 percent, want emotional intimacy more than sex.

Optimization mania
Social media is full of people who preach self-improvement all day long. The “6 AM Club”, where people get up at 6 a.m. or are already in the gym to work through their so-called “routines” before work, is just one example of this type. However, over half of the women surveyed agree with this self-optimization craze really unsexy and wants an adult partner who has already found each other.

Source: Bumble

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