Ashley Park: ‘Emily in Paris’ star had septic shock

Ashley Park: ‘Emily in Paris’ star had septic shock

Ashley Park was in “critical septic shock” after suffering from tonsillitis. But the actress has the worst behind her.

The new year only started almost three weeks ago, but 2024 has already been very challenging for Ashley Park (32). She recovers from the first weeks of the year, to pictures and clips from a hospital. During a vacation, her “tonsillitis developed into critical septic shock.”

As the star of the Netflix series “Emily in Paris” and “Beef” reports, several organs were affected and thereby impaired. But now Park is doing better: “I’m grateful that my health has improved, contrary to what we were initially told.”

Paul Forman was always there for Ashley Park

She can also report that she can completely rely on Paul Forman. The actress and her co-star have been rumored to be in a relationship for months, which Park now confirms with her post – with a moving declaration of love.

“I am most grateful to Paul Forman for his unconditional support throughout this time,” Park writes. He allayed the 32-year-old’s fears and was always with her – in ambulances, three foreign hospitals, in the intensive care unit for a week, in frightening emergency rooms, during numerous scans or even while she was in “unbearable pain”. And all this while the two were “alone on the other side of the world, far away from those we know.” “I love you, Paul. More than I can ever say.”

Although she was initially hesitant to report on her odyssey because she was still in the recovery phase, she now knows that the worst is behind her: “I’m healing and I promise that I’ll be fine again. “

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