Singer: Show star Mary Roos: A younger man is out of the question

Singer: Show star Mary Roos: A younger man is out of the question

At the beginning of January, the singer Mary Roos celebrated her 75th birthday. She won’t be bored for a long time. At the beginning of April she goes on a farewell tour with cabaret artist Wolfgangstiegr.

Show icon Mary Roos (75, “Go Upright”) says she likes to be single. That’s why the frequent public speculation about her relationship status got on her nerves. “I feel very comfortable and I’m not looking out for anyone,” Roos told the German Press Agency in Hamburg. At most, she could be described as being in a relaxed state of openness, said the singer, who recently celebrated her birthday.

“Besides, a man like that shouldn’t be younger than me under any circumstances,” the pop singer emphasized self-deprecatingly, “after all, I don’t want to have to hang a cloth over the lampshade in the evening.” Roos is divorced twice – from her former manager Pierre Scardin and from the entertainer Werner Böhm (1941-2020, “Polonäse Blankenese”), with whom she has son Julian (37).

Roos ended her singing career in 2019. In 2022 she published the book “Aufrecht geh’n. My dissolute life”. In 2024 she will go on a farewell tour with the cabaret artist Wolfgangstiegr on their strange program “More hookers, more coke – fuck the strawberries”.

Source: Stern

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