Taylor Swift: Stalker tried to break into her apartment

Taylor Swift: Stalker tried to break into her apartment

Shock for Taylor Swift: A man is said to have tried to break into her New York apartment on Saturday afternoon. He was arrested.

Singer Taylor Swift’s incredible success also has its downsides. They have harassed stalkers several times. On Saturday, a man tried again to break into her New York apartment. This was reported by several US media outlets.

Did he stalk Taylor Swift for weeks?

A New York Police Department spokesman said officers received a call about a “disorderly person” on Franklin Street in the Tribeca neighborhood. Upon arrival, officers were informed “that the person had attempted to open a door to a building at the scene.” An eyewitness is also quoted: “I first saw him around 1 p.m. – he went to Taylor’s door. I’m not sure if he knocked or rang the doorbell.” Apparently the man had been seen in the neighborhood repeatedly for several weeks. A neighbor said he had been “lurking here for a month.” He was said to have been sleeping on the stairs and screaming, making the residents “all feel uncomfortable”. “When he arrived before Christmas, my husband asked what he was doing here and he said, ‘I want to see Taylor,'” a neighbor claimed. “One time he even had flowers.”

The resident also said that they called the police “many times,” but the officers did nothing until the man actually tried to break into the building on Saturday. The officers handcuffed him and the man did not resist his arrest. , that there was already an arrest warrant from 2017 against the suspect because he had failed to comply with a court summons in Brooklyn.

He’s not Taylor Swift’s first stalker

It is not known where Taylor Swift was at the time of the crime. However, it is said that she may have even been in her apartment. The singer has experience with pushy men. In 2019, someone tried to break into her Tribeca apartment. When asked if he would do it again, the perpetrator replied in an interview from prison: “Probably with more violence, but not towards her. I don’t want to hurt her. I just wanted to talk to her, talk to her . She seems nice and cool.” He was ultimately sentenced to four years in prison. Two years ago, a man was arrested for allegedly stalking Swift in “multiple states.”

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