Travis Kelce: A special gesture of love for Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce: A special gesture of love for Taylor Swift

Instead of his usual bow and arrow celebration: Travis Kelce forms a heart for Taylor Swift after a touchdown.

Very special gesture for Taylor Swift (34): Football star Travis Kelce (34) formed his hands into a heart after a touchdown at a game with his Kansas City Chiefs – in the direction of the US singer, who was sitting in the stands with his family .

A love greeting that many athletes like to send to their loved ones on the field. But with Swift it has a special meaning. The singer often forms her hands into a heart on stage and has thereby contributed to the spread of the romantic symbol.

Travis Kelce varies his signature gesture

The fact that Travis Kelce is now showing such heart shows how serious he is about the mega star. During touchdowns, the tight end usually imitates a shot with a bow and arrow. And that’s not all: After the heart, he sent an air kiss towards Taylor Swift.

The pop billionaire sat in the stands during the Chiefs’ away win against the Buffalo Bills. The TV pictures didn’t show exactly how she reacted to the proof of love. She cheered boisterously for Kelce’s two touchdowns.

Jason Kelce goes crazy topless

In the cold Buffalo, Swift was bundled up in thick clothes in Chiefs colors and wore a red cap. Travis Kelce’s brother, on the other hand, was more airy. Jason Kelce went blank after a touchdown. With his upper body bare, he cheered in sub-zero temperatures, ran out of the VIP lounge and celebrated with the Chiefs fans.

Since their romantic outing in 2023, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been considered the American dream couple. The musician can regularly be seen at her loved one’s games. During TV broadcasts of football games, media attention is often focused on the prominent superfan. Many die-hard fans are angry that the hype is moving to the stands.

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