Samantha Fox: freak out on the plane, takeoff had to be aborted

Samantha Fox: freak out on the plane, takeoff had to be aborted

Singer Samantha Fox is said to have been so freaked out on a flight from London to Munich that the takeoff was canceled and she had to spend the night in the cell.

In the 80s, singer Samantha Fox was famous for her hit “Touch Me”. If you didn’t know her song, you might have known her as one of the then well-known “Page 3 Girls” of the British magazine “The Sun”. Here women usually appeared naked or topless in this format.

Samantha Fox was once again mentioned in “The Sun” magazine – but in a completely different context. The singer is said to have gotten into an argument with another passenger under the influence of alcohol before a British Airways flight took off from London to Munich. The argument is said to have taken shape, so that the start of the machine was disrupted.

The pilots had already set the plane in motion towards the runway when they stopped the procedure because of the unrest inside and drove back to the gate. The incident had such consequences that all passengers had to disembark and spend the night in London. The passengers were accommodated in a hotel until their onward flight the next day – but not Samantha Fox.

Samantha Fox is said to have spent the night in the cell

British police confirmed there was an incident on the plane involving a woman in her 50s. She was apparently arrested and, unlike the other passengers, was expected to spend her night in the police sobering-up cell. The next day, she was released on bail until March, according to the British magazine. According to the magazine, Fox then said she was helping with the investigation and “deeply regretted the disruption that had occurred.”

Samantha Fox already had unpleasant experiences with alcohol in her childhood. In her autobiography “Forever,” published in 2017, she told how her sister Vanessa once had to save her from an attack by her alcoholic father. Her memories in the book are chilling: “I thought he was going to kill me and begged him to stop. When I tried to get up, he kicked me in the stomach so hard it made me dizzy, and yet he didn’t hear “My sister Vanessa heard what was going on and jumped on his back to get him away from me.”

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