British Royals: Duchess Sarah Ferguson shocked by new cancer diagnosis

British Royals: Duchess Sarah Ferguson shocked by new cancer diagnosis

Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson was diagnosed with breast cancer just this summer. Now there is new bad news for the Duchess of York. But she is in good spirits, she wrote on Instagram.

The ex-wife of the British Prince Andrew, Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, says she found her new cancer diagnosis a “shock”. The 64-year-old wrote this on Instagram after a spokesman announced the day before that she had black skin cancer. “I took some time for myself after being diagnosed with malignant melanoma (…),” wrote “Fergie” and posted a picture that showed her on a bridge with a mountain in the background.

It is the second cancer diagnosis within twelve months. Last summer, the mother of Princess Beatrice (35) and Princess Eugenie (33) was diagnosed with breast cancer. She then had a mastectomy – removal of breast tissue.

Ferguson wrote that it was thanks to the great vigilance of her dermatologist that the skin cancer was discovered. “Of course, another cancer diagnosis was a shock but I am in good spirits and grateful for the many loving and supportive messages,” wrote the Duchess of York.

She is now resting at home with her family. Her experience underlines how important it is to keep an eye on the size, shape and structure of moles as well as the appearance of new spots, emphasized “Fergie”.

Black skin cancer – also called malignant melanoma – is a tumor of the skin that originates from the pigment-producing cells (melanocytes). The disease is considered more dangerous than nonmelanoma skin cancer because it more often forms metastases, i.e. offshoots in other parts of the body.

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