Fiona Erdmann: She reports on another miscarriage

Fiona Erdmann: She reports on another miscarriage

Sad news from Fiona Erdmann. She lost a baby for the second time, as she reported on Instagram.

Model Fiona Erdmann (35) has lost a baby for the second time. . “It is with a heavy heart” that she has to announce that “there is a little baby under my heart, but the little mouse wasn’t strong enough. We have lost a baby for the second time and therefore another angel in heaven.” She added: “These two angels look after our children on earth and will not be forgotten.”

That’s why she shares the sad news

Erdmann also explained in her long post that she didn’t actually want to address this topic. “But a few days ago a few messages triggered me.” This post is intended to educate, encourage and teach, she writes. “Because things don’t have to follow a certain pattern. Because you can make decisions for yourself, because everything ‘bad’ gets ‘better’ at some point and, most importantly, that words can hurt people.”

She made the decision to share the news of the miscarriage after receiving messages like: “Congratulations! It’s clear you’re pregnant!” She explained: “Under the circumstances, this news hit me right in the heart!” Her post continues: “You don’t know how painful a comment like that can be! So what we’re going through right now isn’t easy.”

“We’re doing well so far!”

At the end, Erdmann explained: “We’re doing well so far! We’ve accepted this situation and are coping with it. I’m quite sure that everything in life has a meaning. It wasn’t meant to be. Fate decides our path and that’s why I am very positive thoughts. We will maintain our happiness and we will get it when the universe says: Right now is the right time. The pain will fade and things will get better!”

Fiona Erdmann, who became known in 2007 through “Germany’s Next Top Model,” and her partner have two children who were born in 2020 and 2022. She had already suffered a miscarriage in spring 2021.

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