Illnesses: Kate Winslet donates for young British woman with eye disease

Illnesses: Kate Winslet donates for young British woman with eye disease

At some point her vision will disappear completely. Until then, eleven-year-old Lily-Rae wants to see a lot more of the world. With a donation, Kate Winslet helps the girl make her dreams come true.

A young English woman with a serious eye disease received support from Hollywood star Kate Winslet (48) in her big dream of seeing the Northern Lights. The British actress (“Titanic”) contributed 5,000 pounds (around 5,840 euros) to a fundraising campaign for Lily-Rae Merchant-O’Hanlon, as the British news agency PA reported.

The eleven-year-old from Nottingham is suffering from Stargardt’s disease. Her mother Emma Merchant started the fundraising campaign at the start of the year so Lily-Rae could see the Northern Lights before her condition worsened.

“I wish Lily-Rae magical adventures so that she can create many special experiences that she will remember! With much love, Kate Winslet and family,” is written under the actress’s name on the campaign page. Lily-Rae told PA she and her mother were moved to tears. The two of them had drawn up a wish list of things the girl wanted to see before she became increasingly blind.

Shared experiences

The fundraiser is important to her, Lily-Rae said. “Because then I can see the world before my eyesight disappears, and my mother can share the experiences with me.” Her mother emphasized: “It means the world to me because I can’t do this alone.” She had noticed that Lily-Rae’s vision was deteriorating when she was five years old. The eleven-year-old now uses a walking stick and is learning Braille.

Stargardt’s disease is a hereditary macular degeneration that usually begins between the ages of 10 and 20 and progressively limits vision. So far there is no therapy that would cure the disease.

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