The wives of the Jew-hater Franz Stelzhamer

The wives of the Jew-hater Franz Stelzhamer
Director Stephan Suschke (l.) and playwright Thomas Arzt

“Which doesn’t make things any better”says doctor. For the volume published in 1852 “The colorful book” Stelzhamer wrote a text in which he compares Judaism to a giant tapeworm “about the nutritional organs of every cultivated state body” would devour and whose head should be cut off.

After initial hesitation, Thomas Arzt got the commissioned work “The innocent work” written for the State Theater about Franz Stelzhamer’s life and his unstable relationship with women. It will be premiered at the Linzer Kammerspiele on Saturday (January 27th, 7:30 p.m.). It is the last State Theater production by acting director Stephan Suschke, who is leaving office of his own free will at the end of the season. Director David Bösch, who is extremely busy at prestigious theaters, will be Suschke’s successor in the fall (the OÖN reported in detail).

Doctor and Suschke create almost 30 figures in order to approach Stelzhamer unbiasedly. Let it be one “classic rise and fall story”says doctor. Stelzhamer’s child, who died at the age of six, virtually leads through the evening. The author and director do not provide answers, but rather deepen questions. Suschke: “It would be boring to tell people what to think about Stelzhamer.” Julian Sigl will play the role of “Hoamatgsang”-Poet can be experienced.

Kammerspiele Linz: “The innocent work”play by Thomas Arzt, premiere: January 27thdirected by Stephan Suschke. Info: www.landestheater-linz

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