Brain: 7 pillars of parenting to stimulate the health of your children

Brain: 7 pillars of parenting to stimulate the health of your children

The first years of life are decisive for mental health. Therefore, taking care of these basic needs of the brain in childhood is essential.

A mental health stable functions as the foundation on which all aspects of the human development. Adults who care for children have the responsibility to maximize and care for their brains and perspectives, especially during the childhoodcritical moment of parenting.

Through parents’ teachings, children will be able to acquire different abilities, from facing adversity to incorporating social skills to know how to relate healthily.

Brain and mental health: the 7 areas to consider when raising a child

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It is important to consider these seven areas of the brain to take care of your children's mental health.

It is important to consider these seven areas of the brain to take care of her mental health of your kids.

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The seven pillars of parenting that must be considered when raising children are:

  • Maintain a good quantity and quality of dream knowing the needs of each age.
  • The physical activity and movement as a primary source to oxygenate the brain and allow its optimal development.
  • Offer them the time and space to play.
  • Remember that the neurons They are hungry for good quality nutrients that allow the brain develop to their maximum potential, but also protect themselves against diseases.
  • The management and correct use of screens allows you to avoid overexposure, but also always offer quality content in a supervised manner.
  • Keep the water as the sole and main source of hydration for the body.
  • Build a secure bond with children, so that parents can be that Safe Harbor which they can reach and thus allow their brain produce the chemistry necessary to counteract the effects of life’s normal stress.

Brain and mental health: how parents intervene


Parents have a lot of influence on their children's mental health and brain development.

The parents They have a lot of influence on the mental health and the development of brain of their children.

Parents have a significant impact on mental health of their children during childhood for several reasons:

  • Behavior modeling: Children tend to imitate the behavior of their parents. If parents manage the stress in a healthy way and express emotions constructively, children are likely to develop similar behavioral patterns.
  • Family atmosphere: The environment in which children grow up, provided largely by their parents, has a direct impact on their emotional well-being.
  • Emotional bond: a secure attachmentwhere children feel loved and supported, contributes to a healthy emotional development.
  • Parenting style: the parenting style of the parents, which includes the combination ofauthority, emotional support and boundariesinfluences children’s self-esteem and coping ability.
  • Transmission of values ​​and beliefs: parents also transmit values ​​and beliefs to their children, which can affect the way children perceive the world and handle stressful situations. The coherence between what is taught and what is practiced has an important impact on the psychological development of the kids.
  • Emotional Support: Parents’ ability to listen, understand and emotionally support their children contributes to building a solid foundation for mental health.
  • Cognitive stimulus: Cognitive stimulation provided by parents, such as reading, interaction, and encouraging learning, can also influence mental development of children.

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