Lali Espósito and a message for Milei: “I don’t need to throw my CV at anyone”

Lali Espósito and a message for Milei: “I don’t need to throw my CV at anyone”

After starring in a new attack by the president Javier Milei via Twitter, the singer Lali Esposito decided to face some rumors that emerged in recent days.

One of the issues he faced was the version that the official account of the Freedom Advanceswhere they shared a publication in which it was stated that the artist had agreed to charge more than 37 million pesos to sing at the National Festival of La Chaya, in La Rioja.

Asked about this topic by a LAM (America) reporter, the actress responded without filters. “In my case they got involved with the hiring of municipal shows, creating a bit of this image of the artist leaving with bags dripping with the town’s money, an absolute delirium,” she began.

Then, he continued with his arguments and assured that his income does not come solely from his participation in these presentations: “I do not need it. Luckily I do commercials, I shoot movies, I’m also a series producer, I do a lot of things. “I don’t need to throw my CV at anyone.”.

“I don’t think it’s right to stigmatize culture (…) Thousands of people work in the shows I do. All the artists I know have done shows for municipalities. “Sometimes it feels incredible to have to explain this,” he said, and then reflected on the rift that divides society.

“They’ve screwed us all over a little bit already. They took us to the point that if I give an opinion in favor of culture, you are one thing or the other and not simply a citizen who gives his respectful opinion,” he commented in dialogue with LAM.

And he went deeper: “I may not agree with you. I have friends and I have had partners who have opinions that are absolutely opposite to me, and, as long as we don’t get to the level of disrespect, that is never a problem. On the contrary, one could be nourished by the thoughts of the other, one could learn. One can have a respectful back and forth and it seems to me that that is the basis of everything. It is not thinking differently. The problem is what we do when we think differently: Are we going to outwit the other? Are we going to lie about each other? Do we need to demonize that other person so that no one listens to his opinion?”

“That looks more like dark times and human dramas than a society that wants to grow. In the end, I think we are all doing what we can with what is happening in our beautiful country. The other is not our enemy. The other one also looks for a life, he does what he can. They have confronted us and it is not that way,” he continued.

Lali Espósito’s message to Javier Milei and his Government

Along these lines, he pointed out President Milei and his government: “I believe that those who assume institutional responsibilities have to take charge of governing for everyone and that is why they were so voted for. In the end you have to represent everyone, even those of us who do not agree so much with the political line. I respect the President and I would like that line of respect to go down towards everyone, that it is not a divide and rule that does so much damage”.

Without mentioning it, Lali Espósito also marked differences with respect to the national president’s handling of social networks: “You are not going to see me retweet insults, or start insulting anyone. And I am not Mother Teresa of Calcutta, but I try to exude good vibes and I try to be respectful.”

“Actions correspond to those who act on them and that speaks about each person and it will be up to each person to show who they are, how they think and how they like to be part of this world and express themselves. I am not so. I always stay calm. I am calm with myself, with my life, with the truth of things and with my actions. I always try to be cool, I don’t disrespect anyone and I like that they don’t do it to me,” she concluded.

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