Cora Schumacher’s jungle exit: This is what is known about her hospital stay

Cora Schumacher’s jungle exit: This is what is known about her hospital stay

After leaving the jungle camp, Cora Schumacher makes Dr. Bob allegations. RTL emphasizes: “There are no medical reasons for her moving out.”

Was Cora Schumacher’s departure from the jungle camp medically necessary or not? The former racing driver and Dr. Bob obviously have different opinions about this. Schumacher even accuses the TV doctor of not being able to give a medical assessment. The broadcaster now stands behind Dr. in a statement. Bob and after further examination explains that there were no medical reasons.

Did Dr. Bob doesn’t even examine them himself?

As a reminder: Dr. Bob, whose real name is Bob McCarron, had said after Schumacher’s voluntary exit from the RTL show “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” on Monday evening on TV: “My colleagues and I examined her every day, sometimes even twice a day. In our opinion, she was fit enough, so there are no medical reasons for her to leave. But the desire grew in her head “To go.” Ralf Schumacher’s 47-year-old ex-wife now vehemently contradicts this. In an Instagram story, she explained in a hoarse voice and coughing that Dr. Bob “didn’t examine her at all” and wasn’t a doctor. That’s why he “can’t give any medical assessment at all.”

As is well known, McCarron has appeared in the jungle show as Dr. since 2004. Bob presents, but he is only a paramedic. Cora Schumacher said in an interview with the news agency spot on news after her exit: “This decision was medically necessary for me. I’ll talk to my family doctor straight away, even if a remote diagnosis doesn’t help. But you can hear it in my voice that it’s for me it just sucks.” She is having difficulty breathing. “That and nothing else made me leave the camp.” The other campers could confirm that she had been getting worse over a longer period of time. In the interview on Tuesday she explained: “RTL commendably tried to protect my health from the outside world and provided me with medication, but unfortunately that didn’t work.”

RTL emphasizes: “There are no medical reasons”

Now she even went to a hospital like “. She wanted to get proof of her poor physical condition, it was said. RTL immediately gave the “all clear”. , the “health and safety” of the stars always had the “top priority”, It doesn’t matter whether they are in the camp or in the hotel. Since Schumacher is currently staying at the Hotel Imperial, “we sent them for a follow-up examination. Here too, no different medical assessment was made. It remains the case that there are no medical reasons for Cora Schumacher to move out.”

Schumacher explained to her 268,000 Instagram followers that her exit was a “matter of discretion.” However, she found it increasingly difficult to breathe around the campfire. It felt like a “giant elephant was sitting on my lungs.” She also said: “I don’t want to suffer long-term damage.” The 47-year-old feared laryngitis. It doesn’t matter what Dr. Bob say. She knows best how she is doing and what is best for her: “My health is what concerns me most.” Ultimately, she wants to live a few more years and do so as healthily as possible. She also emphasized in an interview with spot on news: “Nothing is more important than health – and health also comes before money.”

The next episode “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” runs on Wednesday evenings from 10:15 p.m. on RTL and RTL+.

Transparency note: The star is part of RTL Deutschland.

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