Halle Berry: Netflix cancels her sci-fi film

Halle Berry: Netflix cancels her sci-fi film

Although Netflix is ​​wasting millions with this, the streaming service is canceling the almost finished film “The Mothership” with Halle Berry.

Bad news at the beginning of the year for Halle Berry (57) and her fans: As several US media reported, Netflix is ​​said to have canceled the release of her science fiction film “The Mothership”.

Post-production was delayed several times

Filming for the film was completed in 2021 – however, the film could not be completed after several delays in post-production. , for example, there would have had to have been subsequent filming with children, which probably posed a problem.

Bridge of Spies writer Matthew Charman directed The Mothership. The Story: A year after her husband’s mysterious disappearance, Sara Morse (Berry) and her children discover an alien object beneath their house. Danny Stillman and Halle Berry herself served as executive producers.

More projects with Netflix

Despite the million-dollar flop: The actress is said to continue working with Netflix on the action film “The Union”, which is about a construction worker (Mark Wahlberg) who is drawn into the world of espionage by his former high school girlfriend.

Netflix also backed Berry’s directorial debut, Bruised, a sports drama about a disgraced MMA fighter who reconciles with her son and reclaims her strength. The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2020. Following the release of Bruised, Netflix signed Berry to a multi-film deal.

“The Mothership” is not the first Hollywood film to be canceled even though filming has been completed. Since 2022, for example, Warner Bros. has canceled three films for tax reasons – John Cena’s (46) “Coyote vs. Acme”, the $90 million DC adventure “Batgirl” and the animated film “Scoob!” “Holiday Haunt”.

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