Jessica Biel: Actress eats in the shower

Jessica Biel: Actress eats in the shower

Jessica Biel has a tip for anyone who likes to multitask: eat in the shower. She wants to start a “shower-eat movement.”

US actress Jessica Biel (41) loves to eat in the shower. “I really want to start a movement, a shower-eat movement,” . “I think for people who multitask, it will be a relief in a lot of ways.”

The 41-year-old, who has children Silas (8) and Phineas (3) with husband Justin Timberlake (42), then explained exactly which “rules” she follows so that she can eat without problems while showering. “A shelf is really helpful,” says Biel. “Something you can put your cup, your yogurt container, your coffee, your espresso – whatever you’re enjoying at the moment. I like to take a bite or a sip and then put it down, and then you move on to washing your hair.”

This applies when chewing underwater

The only thing that is difficult, says Biel, is that you have to keep your mouth closed while eating. “Because I like to be underwater when I chew and for some reason I want to open my mouth and spit water at the same time.” Her tip for followers: “So, chew, don’t open your mouth and don’t let shower water get in. Let’s go, enjoy your shower.”

It’s not the first time that Jessica Biel has spoken about eating in the shower. In late 2020, she shared a now-deleted image on Instagram of an empty plate, fork and cup of coffee sitting on the edge of her shower. The actress explained that she had chicken, sausage and an espresso and also wrote: “Yes. I eat in the shower. I admit it.”

A star since the 90s

Jessica Biel rose to fame on the series “A Family in Heaven,” which ran from 1996 to 2006. She has been in a relationship with Justin Timberlake since 2007, and the wedding followed in 2012. The couple’s two sons were born in 2015 and 2020.

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