Bruce Darnell: It gets “super emotional” with “Supertalent”

Bruce Darnell: It gets “super emotional” with “Supertalent”

“Das Supertalent” returns to RTL. Shortly before the start of the season, juror Bruce Darnell talks about the special nature of the talent show.

The 16th season of “Das Supertalent” premieres on Saturday, January 27th (8:15 p.m. on RTL or ). The German edition of the casting show “Got Talent” has been running on RTL since 2007. However, the station paused the talent search in 2022 and 2023. What can viewers expect from the comeback?

“Das Supertalent” offers a stage for a wide range of talents. Solo or group performances are shown and, according to RTL, amateurs or professionals, people or animals can present their arts. Dieter Bohlen (69), Bruce Darnell (66) and, for the first time, Anna Ermakova (23) and Ekaterina Leonova (36) will evaluate the talents on stage. The jury once again has four Golden Buzzers at their disposal with which they can send talent to the final. Victoria Swarovski (30) and Jens “Knossi” Knossalla (37) are the presenters of the show this time.

Bruce Darnell is looking forward to his return to the jury chair. He has been part of the show in several seasons, most recently in season 14. “I always had a great time on ‘Supertalent’ and have a lot of funny, impressive and emotional memories with the show,” he explains in an interview with spot on news . That’s why he’s very happy to be there again and to “experience a lot of wonderful moments.”

What’s special about the show for him is “the many emotions you go through. Every show is a rollercoaster of emotions and every single performance impresses me in its own way.” He is always surprised at “what great and different performances we see and how much talent there is in the people.”

Bruce Darnell: This is how you become “The Super Talent” in 2024

The previous “Supertalent” winners mainly include singing performances, dog training, performances with a musical instrument and an illusionist also scored points. For Darnell, what does a “Super Talent” winner have to bring? “In the best case scenario, something new and exciting that I haven’t seen before. But the person behind the talent is also important to me. I want a total package of one (or of course several) talented, lovable and honest people for the title.” Super talent 2024′.”

With regard to the 16th season, he promises the viewers: “It will be super emotional! I was very moved by many of the performances because you can feel how much these few minutes mean to people. It’s worth tuning in, there are lots of goosebumps!” For example, he was particularly impressed by the “great singers and dancers”. The performance of the musician Beatrice McQueef was also “particularly bizarre”. “She played the flute in her very special way – by blowing air from her lady parts.”

In addition to musician Beatrice McQueef from Australia, the following talents will be seen in episode one: André Wagner from Arnsberg will demonstrate his magic skills. Kevin Bogner from Vienna is a rapper, Alexander Doghmani from Altenberg is dedicated to classical singing and the young dance group “Mystery” can boast the titles of “West German Champion” and “German Champion”. The brothers Elias and Jonas Schneider from Switzerland also want to impress the jury with their dance group “The Blackouts”. Yvonne Haug from Berlin will bring pole dancing to the stage. Anne Werner from Meißen shows a pottery performance, the “Bomba Trio” shows a comedic nude dance.

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