For Jeff Bezos “there is a solution” to stress

For Jeff Bezos “there is a solution” to stress

The owner of Amazon believes that people are wrong in thinking that there is no escape from stress throughout our personal and professional lives.

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He stress It’s one of the issues that affects the society and that has an impact on the life for not achieving the pretensions what about a personal goal either professional. In this sense, Jeff Bezos, owner and founder of amazon, consider that those who suffer HE they are wrong in thinking about what there are no solutions for him stress.

What does Jeff Bezos say about stress?

Jeff Bezosin an interview when he was young, shared his perspective about him stressindicating that, in his opinion, this arises mainly when no action taken about something that can be check. For Bezos, stress acts as a alarm signalindicating that there is something incomplete that requires attention.


Stress in workers

When Bezos experiment stressfollows a specific approach to solve the problem and have your peace of mind again. For him, identify the source of stress is crucial, since it considers that it is a signal from your brain which indicates the existence of a pending problem that requires action. Consequently, addressing the situation is the key to avoiding stress according to Bezos’ approach.

We must identify the problem that causes us stress, according to Bezos

Jeff Bezos emphasizes that as soon as we identify a problem and we take the initiative to address it, whether through a call or email, even if it is not solve of immediatethe simple act of facing it significantly reduces the stress associated.


Bezos recommends finding the problem that causes us stress and facing it.

Bezos recommends finding the problem that causes us stress and facing it.

The action and the taking measurementsaccording to Bezosare fundamental for mitigate stresssince they demonstrate a active commitment in solve the problemwhich in turn contributes to a feeling of control and effective management of stressful situations.

Jeff Bezos suggests that we should not experiment stress for things that are outside our control. From his perspective, we should only worry about those situations in which we can influence either change the result. Bezos highlights the importance of not letting go of those things that require our attention and action.

In this context, Bezos emphasizes that the stress is not necessarily related to the hard work. You can work hard and enjoy it, but stress comes from ignoring important aspects that we should not overlook.

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